What is MoonPlayer?

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MoonPlayer is a streaming video music player experience unlike anything on the internet!

Step 1: Choose an artist

Step 1Search for an artist, genre, title, or tag, and select an artist. Music from that artist has just been added to your playlist!

Step 2: View an artist profile

screen 3Click on an artist in your playlist to view their profile. Click on a similar artist to add them to your playlist. (Remove an artist by clicking the "x")

Step 3: Share videos, playlists, view lyrics, and more!

Step 3Share music you are watching on Facebook and Twitter. Comment on, favorite, or block videos from playing. View lyrics for most songs!

Many features of MoonPlayer set it apart from any other music player out there!

Free (no ads) streaming continuous music

Moonplayer is a truly continuous music player. You won’t experience any interruptions whatsoever. No stoppage, ads or otherwise. Want continuous music for a week straight? More power to you.

Moonplayer brings you songs and music videos (including HD)

Stream great music or watch music videos! Moonplayer plays a random, high-quality song from an artist in your playlist. Think of it as a continuous jukebox that plays only your favorite artists. Whether studying or throwing a party, Moonplayer provides the perfect soundtrack.

Create entire playlists in just a few clicks

Moonplayer’s extremely intuitive and streamlined interface allows you to set up an entire playlist of a few hundred songs in shuffle in just a few clicks.

screen 1Moonplayer plays a random song from a playlist of your favorite artists. Whether studying or at a party, Moonplayer is a versatile soundtrack perfect for any situation.

View artist bios, similar artists, and song lyrics!

For each artist you add, we provide an artist bio, and an extensive list of similar artists. Just click a similar artist name to add that artist to your playlist.

screen 4View song lyrics by clicking the lyrics button on the control bar at the bottom of the page. If you switch to another song with the lyrics box open, we'll automatically load the lyrics for the next artist!

Share videos and playlists instantly via URL

screen 5MoonPlayer allows you to share a complete playlist just by posting a url! Anyone who clicks the link will find the playlist fully-loaded and ready to go! If you get tired of listening, MoonPlayer will save your current playlist so it's ready for you when you come back!

No logins, sign-up, or accounts required!

No time wasted creating an account, no obnoxious e-mails telling you about our "new offers." Just go to moonplayer.com and start listening to music. It's that easy.